Man masterbates to HD porn


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Man uses couch to masturbate


I pust vaseline on three layers of paper towels. I then stick the paper towels in between the seat cushions on my couch. I then kneel on the floor and slide my dick into the vaseline coated paper towels and fuck my couch. The height is perfect when kneeling on the floor, and the pressure from the two seat cushions is just right. It feels pretty realistic, and due to the constant pressure, the ejaculation is intense.

Man masturbates while wife is away

My wife gone overnight, and after she split, I started working in the home office and decided to make love to myself. I wanted it to be a long session. I quit working and walked to the drug store where I picked up a jar of petroleum jelly and two shades of lip stick, loud red and purple wine. When I got home, I went into the bath room and got nude except for my long shirt which closed in front. In front of the mirror I took the wine colored lipstick and began coloring my lips.

My penis stuck out between the open shirt and would be brushed by the shirt as I moved around also sliding my hardness against the counter. With my lips smacking and feeling their beauty and my rod demanding my attention, I stopped cooking and went back to the bathroom where I removed the lipstick. Then I took the red lipstick and as I applied it to my lips, circle after circle, with the other hand I finally encirlced my hardness.

As soon as I started stroking I could feel my feet tingle which meant, I didn’t have much time. Watching my lips kiss back at me brought me to such an exlosion that I shot onto the mirror. It was to be the first of three times that evening. But first, I needed to remove the lipstick and reapply the wine colored one to go finish preparing my evening meal.