Female Masturbation Stories

Story #1  
I'm 45 years old and masturbating MORE than ever before although I do have sex a couple of times a week or so. Some years ago I took the risk of having a Brazilian wax and found that afterwards my pubic hair grew back a lot softer. Each wax was easier than the previous one until I finally just bought myself an epilator and now regularly epilate my outer lips, around my anus and perineum and most of my mound, leaving only a narrow landing strip at the top. Epilating makes me so turned on. The epilator vibrates and the sensation of hair being pulled out brings a huge flow of blood to the area. It also leaves me all open and in touch with my genitals. This means my outer lips, my labia and my clit are all completely exposed. I love the peach softeness of my outer labia. My inner lips are long and when I stand in front of the mirror in the nude with my legs just slightly apart, I can see them hanging down. When I spread my lips apart, I can see the shaft of my clitoral hood, like a small penis that swells when I am turned on. My inner lips are a dark pink in colour with purple ridges that are ever so sensitive. Having no hair down there means you are super sensitive to the slightest touch -- the feel of your panties against your lips, the pressure of your jeans against your clit, even just squeezing your lips together by crossing your legs. Everything feels doubly intense and I get turned on just by walking sometimes. I carry a pocket vibrator in my bag and sometimes when I am out and about and find myself getting that warm, wet feeling deep in my belly again, I go into a public toilet, close the door and get my vibrator out. I take off my jeans and my panites, raise one leg up onto the toilet seat and get going. I feel fine about masturbating in a cubicle where I cannot be seen but can be heard. I moan and breathe hard as the sensations build, then I stick the vibrator into my wet, hungry pussy, I lay it against my perineum -- this, I think, is a hugely undervalued part of our bodies and I get a lot of deep, emotional pleasure from pampering it with massage -- and then I go back to my clit with the vibrator. I lay the vibrator agaist the length of my vulva and then focus back on the clit again. I may insert a finger or two into my open pussy. Finally, when I come, it can be loud. When I emerge from the cubicle, I usually get a few odd looks from whoever is around, but that makes me happy. Often I get smiles of complicity. I think we women should feel totally free and uninhibited about masturbating. The more open we are and the more webistes there are like this one, the better. Our vulvas and vaginas are our seats of power and they are SO beautiful and SO ALIVE!

Story #2  
When I get really horny, I like to go to the community pool at my apartment and expose myself. I always chicken out if other people are very close. I usually pull my inner labia out each side of my bikini and walk to the pool with my lips hanging out. It's REALLY hot!!! My lips are kind of long, so they can hang out about an inch on each side. If anyone gets too close to me, I hide it somehow, or turn to the side, but its realy hot anyways. I always lay out there to tan, and I like to have just one side of my pussy somewhat exposed, so it looks unintentional, and I lay there with my sunglasses on and pretend to be asleep while I watch people on the other side of the pool. One time recently I was really hot and got up the courage to NOT hide it when a guy came walking over by me. I just laid there, I could feel my pussy throbbing at the thought of him seeing my left lip out in the sun, I swear it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest the closer he got. But I just laid there, pretending to sleep, and I watced as he walked about two feet away from my toes! I swore I was going to orgasm, it was so hot. the next two minutes I could feel my pussy getting drenched as I laid there "sleeping." A few minutes later, he walked by again, and then again, and every time it was AWESOME, but eventually I pretended to wake up and stood up to leave. I noticed where he sat down, and I gathered my things to leave. I then turned so that he had my front view and I pretended to not notice him as I reached down and adjusted my bikini bottom. This was super hot too!! Unfortunately, as I adjusted my bikini, I accidentaly pulled it a little too far, and my inner labia popped out on the other side. I panicked about this for a split second, and then realized how hot it was, so I left it alone, pretending not to notice. I then walked directly by him, watching out of the corner of my sunglasses as he stared at my lip. Again, I could feel my pussy getting wet like it was a water hose. I was carrying my things in my right hand, so no one else could see my lip as I walked out, and I almost dropped my keys, which gave me an idea: I then dropped my tanning lotion "on accident" after I passed by him, and then I squatted down to pick it up, giving him the perfect rear view of my right pussy lip hanging out of my bikini as I picked it up. I held my squat just a little too long, but then I got up and walked away, never looking back. My entire pussy wwas aching for stimulation all the way home. I took care of that promptly!

Story #3  
I am 45 years old, married, have regular sex but just LOVE to masturbate. I need to every other day or so, sometimes more, sometimes less. The way I like doing it best is slowly. I try to do this as often as possible, say on a Sunday afternoon when my husband has taken my son out to play football in the park. I take my clothes off and sit up with my legs open. I stroke my breasts and play with my nipples, then I stroke my flank, my belly and feel the curves of my body. Then, ever so slowly, I move my hand down to my mound and watch the change in sensitivity as I approach the top of my clitoral hood. My fingers hover around my clitoris for a while, teasing it, pulling back the hood, moving playfully around the area where my inner lips join up at the top. Then I can't stand it any longer and I rub my clit till it hardens and till my vagina begs to be filled. I love the feeling of a penis inside me, so that is what I sometimes fantasize about. But first I massage my vulva and circle the entrance of my vagina with a finger. Then I dip a finger from my other hand into my vagina, wet it and then fill my asshole. I leave that finger there and with the other hand I massage my perineum. I give myself lots of time to make sure my clit, my very sensitive lips that love being touched and my throbbing vulva get lots of attention. Then, I put first two, and then three fingers into my pussy and move my hand in and out, in and out, faster and faster. I let the contractins of pleasure build and then slow down again. Then, when I've finger-fucked myself nicely and gotten my vaginal walls well and truly stimulated and ready, I use my now dripping wet index and middle fingers to rub up hard against my G-spot. It is very swollen by now and I can actually feel it getting more and more engorged with fluid as my fingers place pressure against its ridges inside my cunt. I press hard against the ridges and move my fingers in a circular motion. This vigorous movement of my hand also stimulates the entrance to my vagina and my vulva and clit. I find that by sitting up when you masturbate, you get a lot more pleasure from the G-spot -- maybe that has something to do with the position of the body. Also, I think that gravity helps to ensure that your gentials get engorged more quickly. G-spot masturbation takes work and time; it also takes more effort, as the G-spot is not so readily sensitive as the clitoris. But gradually, over the years, I have found out how to mix clitoral stimulation with that of the G-spot. By thrusting my fingers in and out and pressing hard against my G-spot, I build up the waves of pleasure slowly but ever so surely to a deep, strong orgasm that finally erupts with incredible force from deep inside my belly. It spreads like wildfire from deep inside my pussy, rising in outward waves all the way up my neck and down to my legs. My finger feels the convulsions in my anus. My vaginal contractions grab my fingers and pull at them and the fluid in my G-spot gushes out with the most intense warmth. The pleasure is deep and lasting. I look down and see that I have ejaculated and my wetness is drenching the sofa. My legs are limp and i feel myslef flop. At this point, I don't stop. The best bit is the afterglow, when I extricate my fingers from inside me, taste the wetness by sucking them and then slowly massage my whole vulva with the palm of my hand until the sensations have finally quitened down. I am 19 years old and I probably started mastubating around the age of 3, I had accidently figured out masturbation when I was in my parents shower, they had a detachable shower head. I began to play around with it when a stream of water went past my pussy. IT FELT SO GOOD! I just continued to do it over and over. Now I am older and I now need to masturbate once, sometimes twice a day! Whenever I masturbate I start out by slowly rubbing my clit and then to slowly stuff my 2 fingers into my juicy and hardend pussy. Then I begin to rub around inside with a circuler motion, building to a climax. When I am just about to have an orgasm I pull my fingers out and watch all the juices pours out. I then serch around my room for an object wich I can easily stuff inside my pussy that will also be very sexual. And I masturbate with it. Then once I reach climax with that object I pull it out then switch to anotherone. I can have up to 6 orgasms with one object. Another way I masturbate is like the first way I listed above but whenever I get home from a long day of school I hop into my shower and rub myself around my clit with the detachable showerhead. Then I place it almost into my pussy and then the water begins to build up inside and i reach climax realy fast. It takes about 30 seconds to reach climax. It feels like my insides are about to explode. Then after I reach orgasm I pull it out and switch to a different setting. My scream so loud that I place a towel underneath my door and hope that my parents upstairs don't hear. AGGHHH im all wet I gota go!

Story #4  
I'm 55 years old, and I've been masturbating for at least 50 years. I like to slip my fingers into my panties and gently at first, tease the side of my clit with two fingers. When I get wet enough, I open the lips of my pussy with my thumb and middle finger, and use my index finger to massage directly on my clit. I stick my fingers up my pussy and get more wetness, and slide my fingers all over the inside of my pussy and just enjoy the feeling. when I'm ready to cum, I rub even harder right on my clit, then squeeze my legs together when I cum, because it makes it more intense. Keep up the good work, girls! I've enjoyed reading your techniques!

Story #5
I love to put a lipstick on my clit. I pull my panties so that it is like a g string which puts pressure on your clit and lips. Then I hump and grind my hips making sure the lipstick is in place, and I cum. It usually takes a while but if you are not in a hurry - its good.

Story #6
I.m Katie, in my late teens, nicely-shaped and bit of imaginative. I seem constantly under pressure of sexual lust. My mind.s always wandering with hundreds of fantasies about naughty sex things, and I get myself horny so often. I simply can.t last a day without masturbation, which I.d refer to as .eating the fingers., .tender the clam meat. or .finger-painting.. Wow, there.re many, many naughty things a horny girl can work upon her secret spots. Thign-squeezing is easiest, discreet and yet very thrilling. When bored during class or long bus drive, I sit squeezing my clit away in silent zeal to soaking wet without finger touching. At times I venture myself in a knee-long skirt and no panties inside . that.s extremely thrilling, naughty and sensuous! I love sausage, and ssh. so does my pussy! Sometimes my squeezing gets me so horny that it tempts me to feed my dripping .mouth. with a sausage. I just pretend dropping something down the floor and secretly glide it in.! Wow, how naughty is my hungry .mouth. . she swallows it up till she.s full, leaving just a short end outsides. Now a slight move of my legs, let alone squeezing, can drive me crazy . the sausage shaft rubbing and kissing my lips and clit wonderfully. I always make my thigns and my seat badly wet with my love juice. It gets me madly aroused sensing the feel of streams of juice crawling down my inner thigns down my legs. No words can describe the burning horny itch building up inside, feeling like my flesh there being baked! And it can last for hours before I have to jack myself off immediately back home or in the school washroom. Wow, I can.t help blushing, gazing at the naughtiest scene of my puss: messy wet, pink fleshy, thick swollen and cutely curved. (I took many pictures of her in such best horniness.) On some exciting occasions, I take out the sausage . still warm and wet - and taste it while toying my clam sweetily. Very soon I bring myself to a delicious orgasm. I have a really sexy and fleshy clit. When .sleeping., she.s about the size of my lillte fingertip, but when horny, she thickens up into triple-sized fleshy piece of beef . just like a sea clam! (I love fantasizing a man hungrily tasting my juicy clam and eating it up uncooked. How naughty!) When home alone, I.d lock my room door and strip naked. Sitting on a pillow with my make-up mirror placed an inch from my openings, I enjoy in close-up watching her growing up bit by bit, swelling and pinking up with blood. It.s amazing! By the time she.s hard swollen, juice is leaking out . I.m that easy to wet up! Wow, how I love teasing the slippery wetness on her. She.s so fleshy and silky and yummy like an alive pearl. I just can.t help moaning when I start rubbing and pulling her outwards as if to rip her away. My God, once in a while my .clam meat tendering. becomes so intense that it.s audible! (Other girls outside could tell exactly what naughty thing I.m doing if I do it so wild in the toilet!) Masturbation.s much like torture . the more lasting, the more satisfactory. I.d close my eyes imagining I am forced to tender my clit flesh in front of a man, who then makes it even tenderer with his cock and finally chews and eats my whole clit raw! Or I fantasize pressing and squeezing my ripe pussy into juice for him to suck on and drink. My naughtiest favorite is to capture and then tie my erect swollen clit around with an elastic band. Then I start to finger and squeeze and rub my erect-pointing clit, fancying the way boys would work on their penis heads and burst out hot creamy semens all over the place! The sensation gradually goes beyond bearing and finally pry an orgasm out of me. At lucky times, believe me, I really shoot squirts of love juice out through the air! Sometimes I masturbate too hard for too long and make my clit and lips swollen and painful for days afterwards. Oh, God, mine.s juicy again!!!

Story #7
Well, I freeze ice into a dildo like shape. I slowly rub it around my pussy untill I really crave it (i usually make alot of these dildos because they'll melt in my hot throbbing pussy). I slowly slide the "dildo" in and out of my pussy at first, then I go faster. I'm doing this all while rubbing my hard nipples. When I cum all over my dildo and hand, I lick all the juice off. I love the way I taste. I do this over and over until I have a realy hard climax, or I'll rub myself until I almost cum, then I'll put my dildo in my throbbing pussy and find my g-spot. When I find and cum it I can't help but screem out in pleasure! I'm getting so wet just typing this, I think i'll go masturbate!

Story #8
I have loved masturbating all my life. I have tried many ways but find that I cum amazingly when I fantasize. I start when I know my husband will not be home and I lay in my bed pinching my nipples. I then start to talk out my fantasy. I dream I visit a whore house after a stressfull day at work, I'm laying on the bed as four ladies come in and I ask them what they can do for me. I visualise one sucking my pussy, one sucking my tits and me sucking one of there pussys while the forth watches and masturbates herself. I can keep this going for hours teasing myself and stopping just before I cum and I visualise that we all swap places again and again until everyone has had there pussies sucked. I eventually rub my little clit until I ejaculate all over the bed, rubbing it over my tits and mouth. I feel so satisfied. Once done I pretend I go to a cash desk and pay for my pleasure. I then go down stairs and wait so innocently for my husband to come home and tell him I've had a good day at work.

Story #9
Every so often I go to a hotel with my boyfriend that has a whirlpool and indoor pool. While my boyfriend sleeps, I sneak down to the whirlpool and turn the jets on high. The sensation of the jet aimed right at my clit sends chills throughout my entire body. And the thought of someone walking in at any minute drives me crazy!! Rubbing my nipples and humping the pressured water, within no time I'm cumming umbelievably hard.

Story #10
I have a little vibrator, called a "butterfly" and it has an extra long (12 inches) cord between the vibrating "butterfly" part and the battery pack/contol switch. This enables me to put the vibrator against my clit down inside of my panties and pants or skirt or whatever I am wearing at the time and have the power button part which has a clip on it fastened to the waistband of the pants all day long where it is so easily accessable for me to turn it on and tease myself or come whenever I want to and wherever I want to. Or if I am with a partner, I will give him the control switch if we are out somewhere in public. Restaurants are a particularly fun place. It is hard not to make any funny "noises of pleasure" when someone is teasing me with my favorite little toy. It helps if I have a partner who will make me beg him to leave the vibration on until I come. It enhances the whole experience.

Story #11
I just came back from shopping and I have a bag full of sexy, super soft panties. As I wrote to you earlier, I am an absolute fanatic about my panties. They have to be super soft so when I rub my clit through the material, it sends a shock through me. I slid a pair of multi color panties on and they feel absolutely great. My clit woke up. I am rubbing as I type. When I shop for panties, I am almost always soaking wet. Nylon is my favorite, then satin. My hands shake as I pluck the panties from the rack. When I get to the register and a dorky dude is scanning my undies, I always wonder if he knows what will be happening to those panties the momment I get home. If only he knew...he would drop a load in his shorts. I rub, rub, rub the fabric over my clit and ass until I come.

Story #12
Usually when I masterbate I like to talk to my boyfriend on the phone. He'll tell me what hes thinking of doing to me well he strokes his cock and it really turns me on. I'll start off by rubbing my clit very gently in a circular motion with my finger, getting faster and faster, rubbing harder and harder. I start moaning to him and he talks a bit dirty, telling me he wants to hear me cum and asking me how many fingers I'm using. When I start to feel really good and he's breathing harder I stick 2 fingers quickly in me and pump a few times. I'll grab my dildo when my pussy is throbbing, suck and lick the head making it all nice and wet, and run the head of it slowly over my juicey pussy lips. By now my pussy is aching for the large cock {dildo} to be deep inside of it, fucking my little pussy hard and fast. I slowly slide the cock into my throbbing sex organ and start to fuck my self. Moaning loudly and listening to my boyfriend on the other end of the phone drive me mad.. Next thing I know I'm screaming so loud the whole complex can probably hear me. I burst over and over again.. Multiple Orgasms are the best!

Story #13
I lay in my bed on my stomach and take a Bath and Body spray bottle and insert it in and out of my clit. It feels really good and I guarantee you will have an awesome orgasm and climax in no time.

Story #14
I am sitting at college and I secretly read your stories. When I feel HOT I go to the toilets and rub myself until I can't take anymore. When other people come into the toilet I think about what they would do if they heard me! It is such a turn on. If I feel really hot I use my deoderant can in the toilet and thrust it in and out until i feel GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!

Story #15
I start by looking at porn on my computer and when I feel my pussy getting really wet, I strip off all my clothes and rub my tits and nipples. Most of the time I will suck my nipples. This makes me even hotter! I lay on my back on my bed and pull my pussy lips apart and rub my clit. I use the juice from my pussy to keep my clit wet. I keep doing this until I have the most earth-shattering orgasm ever!!

Story #16
I just got a new apartment next to a really HOT guy. Since you could see right into my bedroom in his bedroom window I masturbate right there while he watches. It's so exciting, I can tell he gets really turned on and starts masturbating himself. Sometimes I also have sex with the window open and he sits there and watches naked and masturbates. We (me and my neightbor) masturbate with each other at least everyday. It's great cause he has a girlfriend.

Story #17
I like to dress up my pillow in sexy panties. I have over 30 pairs. I will slide and hump it making love to it feeling the sexy panties underneath me as I slide. Sometimes I will put out magazine pictures around me from my favorite "Over 40" mag. The feeling always makes me come.

Story #18
I go to the movies (a movie I know that has a hot actor) and I just go at it and I moan to loud sometimes. One time a cute guy turned around and saw me doing it so I invited him to sit next to me and I handjob him and he can finger me. It was great.

Story #19
When I get home froma work Im ready for some "me time". So I pull the car in the garage and shut the garage door. I keep the car running and get out. Hack up my skirt and pull down my panties to sit on the warm, rumbling hood of my car. WOW!! With in a few minutes I'm wailing on the hood. Its so warm against my "love pocket".

Story #20
I love to read masturbation stories while I do I spread my legs a far as possible and finger my clit until my pussy is swollen then I pull myself forward on my chair and I thrust a black marker in my wet and swollen vagina!! Moving my fingers very fast on my clit until I cum and then I lick the marker and with my cum I rub it on my nipples.

Story #21
I like to take a nice big cold cucumber and slowly rub my clit with it. After a few minutes I get so wet that the cucumber just slides right in my pussy. I then pump the cucumber in and out of my pussy with one hand while I rub my clit with the other. The feeling of the big hard cold cucumber gets my off in no time.

Story #22
I masturbate through my panties until my panties are soaked with my juices. Then I take them off and stick the crotch of my soaked panties in my mouth and continue to rub my pussy. I cum really fast when I taste my own juices.

Story #23
I insert my vibrator between 2 of the cushions on the couch so its sticking straight up, I turn it on then I lower myself onto it, and move up and down. Its like sitting on a guys lap and fucking him. When I'm done the couch is soaking wet!

Story #24
I'm in college and I live in the dorms. Well when my roommate goes to bed, I will lay on the futon that we have in our room and play with my clit while my roommate is sleeping right above me. I finger myself so hard and my pussy gets so wet that I bet my roommate can hear what I'm doing. The thrill of her peeking at me gets me going so fast that I can hardly bare it, and i cum all over my fingers.

Story #25
I love to hear stories of how other women fingers themselves, it makes me all wet and horny. I also like trying things that other women do. I read the story of the elastic band around the clit. It is awesome. My clit became 3 to 4 times it's size. And then it throbbed to an orgasm that i just can't explain.

Story #26
Hi I'm Emma. I use a little baby oil to rub over my clit area. I don't like to go in as much. Just rub. Then when it is hard and I can't take anymore. I open my lip and just move my finger against the side of my clit, so gently. By now my nipples are like little hard bullets. That does it for me. Oh I do like to have a mag of some cutie guys.

Story #27
I love masterbating!! I do it almost everyday!! I lay in the bathtub with no water in it and make sure it is dark with a few candles around the tub. I shut my eyes and think about hot naked women touching me all over (somethimes I make up names) my nipples start getting hard and with the other hand I tease my pussy by touching as close to my clit as I can get but not actually touching it. Then I find something warm and wet to rub on my clit. Then when my pussy gets really wet I rub my fingers in the juices and put them all over my clit until I explode. Then I try to get as many orgasms from that as I can. Most of the time I get about 3. It feels so great I'm gonna go do it now!!

Story #28
I like to use an electric toothbrush. You put one on your clit and it gives you a great orgasim, if you find the right spot!! Also for double pleasure i use 2 electric toothbrushes. Right when I'm about to cum I shove the second one in my vagina and switch it on.

Story #29
Wearing panties or pantyhose (my favorite), I mount my couch arm and hump it in a sawing motion. The friction makes me explode many times. It's hard to get back on my feet after a good humping session. If you squirt a lot, put a towel down to sop up the juice. I promise you there will be some.

Story #30
What I like to do is lay on my bed with my legs spread as wide as I can. I have a mirror in front so I can see myself getting wet and horny. Then I take the bottom end of a glass coke bottle and push it deep into my wet pussy with only the small neck to be seen .Then with my middle finger i rub circles on my swolen wet clit .While doing this I move the coke bottle in and out until I cum. It`s so exciting to watch my cum drip down the coke bottle I`m ready to start all over.

Story #31
I like to play with mt pussy until it`s realy wet,and my clit is swollen. Then I take a small elastic band and place it around my clit tight enough so it will stay on. Then I take my middle finger and rub circles on my hard swolen clit. When I`m just about to climax I stop for a few minutes and start again, I tease myself several times before I climax. It`s an earth shaking climax. After a few minutes when my clit isn`t so sensitive I roll the elastic band off and save it for the next time.

Story #32
I go into my bedroom when my husband is not home and put on some porn. My favorites are when a woman is getting her clit licked, sucked and flicked by another woman, although I have never been with another woman, it really turns me on. I lie back on the bed totally nude, there is a full length mirror in front of my bed so I can watch myself. I open up my pussy lips and tease my clit, getting juice from my pussy to make my clitty nice and wet. I like to pull up on my pussy lips when my clit starts to get hard so that I can look at it. I gently flick at it a little, then I rub the hood in a circular motion. I do this for about a hlaf an hour, totally enjoying the porn on tv. After that I have this winnie the pooh stuffed animal, his nose is kinda hard, and it wiggles. I turn him on and let his nose wiggle against my big hard clit while lying on my back with my knees spread wide open. I love to look in the mirror and see it between my legs. I moan and say things like eat my pussy baby, lick my clit, ooohhh yeah! It feels like I am being licked, his nose wiggles round and round. When I am super turned on, and my pussy is nice and wet and swollen, I put the stuffed animal on the bed, and straddle his face, his nose wiggling round and round against my clit. I look from the TV to the woman being licked, to the mirror where I can see the stuffed animal between my legs, I pretend it is a woman under me and I am sitting on her face. I end up sitting on the stuffed animal, pulling his wiggling nose so tight against my clit and I hump up and down, round and round till I explode! I hide this stuffed animal of course, scince his nose is always covered in my cum. Think I will have to have a session now I am so wet knowing everyone will be reading this!

Story #33
I am turning 21 this June and I would like to share with you my current orgasmic routine!! I have never found anything more fullfilling than this, other than a man's, well, you know. I like to lock the door to my bathroom, light candles and incense, turn on the hot steamy shower, and kneal down on the floor on my soft and cushy rug. Naked, I gently rub my middle finger over my clitoris...oooh so nice...I'm soaking wet already (so horny)! Then I insert a small hotel sample shampoo bottle into my pussy. I move it in and out at a rapid speed while rubbing my clit harder and harder....I ejaculate all over the place in huge amounts of luv juice! ....but I don't stop there! Then I jump into the shower that's so steamy I can hardly breathe and turn the hand-held shower jet to the 3 pronged jet propeller. I sit down in my bathtub shower and position the jets right on my clit and into my vagina. I LUV the feeling of the water gushing up into my wet and swelled pussy! Then I take a long, smooth shower gel bottle and insert it into my pussy, fucking my cunt wildy while the jets are rapidly pulsing onto my clit! My legs start quivering and shaking and I have heat flashes all through my body! My pussy's muscles spazzom and I literally can not control screaming! My orgasm's are so full and complete, because I both ejaculate and then orgasm over and over again. So fullfilling that I do it twice a daily, and oooohhh......what a way to spend my time!

Story #34
I make a cock mold out of ice you could do this by taking a long plastic bag. bigger the plastic the bigger the cock. put water in it then let it freeze. You have to make some extras incase it melts. Then after freezing stick it in you pussy. It works for me! Make me cum all the time!

Story #35
I have a Macarana monkey that sings that song. It's mouth moves up and down, like when people talk. I stick it's mouth right on my clit and pretend I'm humping (but I just lie there). I take my pointer finger and stick it half way in my pussy and get an amazing orgasm!

Story #36
I have read some of your stories and I realize that I am not alone when using my underwear to orgasm. I enjoy wearing the nylon panties. They rub against my bum all day and when I get home from school, I go upstairs and disrobe. Leaving only my soft nylon panties. I start by laying on my tummy and humping my bed pillow. As I get worked up, I roll over and slide a hand into my panties and feel around. Then, with the other hand, I rub around the outside of my panties, (todays color is lavender with lace waist band) Rubbing my clit and my bum. I roll around, feeling the nylon caress my bum. This is so good. I come after a while. I like it to last. I would love to read more stories of others who use underwear to masturbate.

Story #37
I like to start by watching some hot porn. I then begin to pinch my nipples, and rub my clit. I get a large dildo, and put it up my ass, and then I finger myself, and feel the dildo in my ass through my pussy. After a couple minutes, I put another dildo up my vagina, sit on the washing machine while it is running, and rub my clit. This method gives me the most explosive orgasms that I scream, and almost fall off of the washing machine.

Story #38
I like to take the top off a turkey baster and place it on my clit open end down. Then squeeze the top to make a suction. Then squeeze it in and out it feels so awsome it doesn't take long before you have a climax. I like to do it over and over again until i can't take any more.

Story #39
I love to do it in school. Sometimes I wear no underwear and sit at the back of the class rubbin my swollen clit underneath the desk. I love the thrill of coming where other people can see me.

Story #40
I love to masturbate. I usually take a hot dog from the frig. Put it in hot water until it is stiff, but warm, pull down my panties, and slide the wet hot dog in and out of my moist vagina lips. When I finally come it sure is hot!

Story #41
I lie down on my tub with the water faucet right on top of my vagina....The warm water thrusting on my vagina makes me cum in less than a minute..You will love the sensation. Try it!!

Story #42
I just strip, sit in my bean bag chair, and very slowly rub my clit. Then when I'm wet, I rub harder. Soon, I insert my sex toy and start pumping it in and out while still rubbing my clit. I find myself rubbing harder as I approach orgasm. It feels sooooooooo good. Think I'll go do it now.

Story #43
Hi, my name is Stacy im 26 and I love to masturbate in the shower. I first relax and sit on a small seat in the shower and turn the water massager to a warm pulsation and than I train the pulsating jet under and around my clitoris. The feeling of the water pulsating on my clitoris is pure ecstasy, than I will slowly lift my butt up and start pumping against the jet of water, slowly rythmically and faster and faster. At this point as I pull the hood of my clit up toward my belly button and down. I can see the tip of my erect swollen clitoris pointing down out of my hood and turning bright red. By now my breathing is quick and rapid and my heart is beating so hard and with each beat I can feel my nipples throb and my clitoris thudding in its hood. When the orgasm starts I will try to keep the massager on my clit but the waves of pleasure are so intense. I usually drop it and almost pass out. After those showers I go through the whole day so relaxed.

Story #44
I like to think about the other girls in my class at junior high. When we get into the change room once a week, I get all hot and wet looking at some of their tight bodies. I go into a shower cubicle, and start off slowly rubbing my tight juicy cunt lips until I start to moan softly. Once I'm really hot, I will insert two fingers between my swollen lips until I start to cum, and then with my other hand start to finger my anus with a soapy finger. This drives me wild because all of the time I can hear the other girls in the showers and am thinking about how much fun it would be to be playing with their tight pussies.

Story #45
I love to masturbate at my desk while reading a steamy book. I strip and raise my legs with my heels resting on the corners of the table, and rub myself until I feel like exploding. I like sticking my fingers in my pussy just as I cum, and feeling the the spasms against my hand.

Story #46
When I was younger, I wore only cotton panties. As I got older, things changed. I was on a camping trip with my friends and my clothes and backpack got soaked. I asked my friend Erin if she had a pair of panties I could borrow. They were soft and silky. I could not believe how soft they felt on my shaved pussy. I was hooked. I masturbated that whole night in my sleeping bag. When I got home, I went shopping and bought all satin panties. I rub them all the time now to get off. Thanks Erin.

Story #47
I love to read sex stories because it turns me on. Then gently I slide my index finger into my panties then play with my clit round and round slowly, then make it faster while rubbing my nipples with the other hand. I watch porn movies to make me have the best orgasm.

Story #48
I masturbate a lot, because I am so horny all the time. If I don't want a quickie, I will have a long soak in the bath, then pop into bed with a book. When I am feeling sexy, I have a large teddy to lay on top of. His nose fits right into my clit area, and I rub against it.

Story #49
I masturbate like this: I take one teaspoon full of red chilli powder, mix it into half a glass of cold water, then pour into my pussy, at first it will be a little hot, within five minutes the pleasure is so awesome that you will start dancing.

Story #50
I love reading about how other women masturbate. I just rub my clit with a couple fingers as I go along and read other women's stories of how they pleasure themselves. When I get closer to orgasming I usually stick a couple fingers in and use the "come here" motion reallt fast.

Story #51
Best way to do it I think is lay on your belly, put your fingers on top of your pussy - pressing against really hard and fuck yourself into a frenzy. Its like a hard nob rubbing off your clit and feels amazing. You can do it as fast or as slow as you want and the great thing about it is the fact you cum everytime - its about the motion.

Story #52
If you're like me and don't really feel comfortable inserting a finger or any other object in your pussy, and just like to play with your clit, this story may be for you. When me and my pussy play, I like to make sure the house is empty. I then watch hot porn until I'm feening to touch my pussy. I lay down on my bed and slip my hand in my panties. I then make my finger go up and down and round and round on my clit. At this point I'm usually pretty hottt. I go get the baby oil and take my panties off, I lay a towel down because it gets pretty messy. I then pour the baby oil all over my pussy and give it a nice deep tissue massage all over. When my clit is throbbing I take my middle and ring finger and go in a circular motion all of my clit. I keep going round and round all over my clit making my fingers slide and making my hood gloss over my clit. I cant even explain the feeling. When I feel like I'm almost there, I relax my whole body while still playing with myself and then I bust!! This always gives me hot and mind boggling orgasms,and after I usually clean up then, and go to sleep.

Story #53
I like to masturbate by taking my dildo that has a suction base and putting it on a glass coffee table. I ride the dildo while pulling and pinching my nipples, and rubbing my very swollen clit. I have the best orgasms this way.

Story #54
I like starting with some soft sexy music and light some candles, then I chuck some pillows and a duvet on the floor... I start by stripping down to nothing then laying down I start rubbing my clit slow then fast then I shove my finger down my pussy and pump I then sneak my dads back massanger onto my pussy and hump its the greatest yet all this fails to give me orgasm...harsh hey!!!

Story #55
I enjoy putting on a pair of "big panties". The looser the better. Then I lay on my bed and rub the soft nylon over my clit. I do this until I cum. Before I fall asleep, I put on my long nylon nightie and encase myself in the soft nylon. I sleep like a baby. In the morning I do it again.

Story #56
I take a sponge that you get from makeup, the nice soft white kind, soak it in warm water, then place it on my clit and rub through it... Yum.

Story #57
When I'm feeling especially horny, I go cycling in a short skirt and no panties.

Story #58
I'm home alone alot so I have so much fun. I usually come to sites like these get really horny, and wait until my clit is throbbing. I then go and get me electric toothbrush that costs under 5 bucks. I go to my bedroom and stack 2 pillows on top of each other, and leave my panties on as I stradle the pillows. I then put the electric toothbrush on my clit and rock back and forth on the pillows. This brings me to a rocking orgasm, it makes me scream and moan with intense pleasure. All you girls should try it.

Story #59
When I am alone in my house I like to insert my dildo into my pussy and put it onto the highest setting. I get into the shower and put the jet stream onto my clit. When I am about to pop I stop for 100 seconds. I do it again and stop for 50 seconds. When I do it again I orgasm so much that I have to scream! Try it it will make you feel fine!

Story #60
I take a plastic bottle and place it over my clit. I pump it over and over so it sucks my clit inside and pulls it out of its hood. When it gets really hard from that, I pull my pussy lips apart and put my clit in between my index and middle finger and rub it around in circles until I cum really hard.

Story #61
I like to play with my nipples through a tight tshirt and watch and feel them harden. Then I take off my panties and rub my clit. I bring the moisture from my vagina up to my clit and nipples and keep on going until I cum.

Story #62
Before I masturbate, I always shave my vagina. This turns me on so much and gets me in the mood. Then I lie naked on my bed with my legs open. I begin by waking" my clitoris. I run my fingers lightly over it and this gives me a sort of tickling sensation that i love. Then slowly, I begin to run my index finger down the length of my vagina. I close my eyes and begin to search around for my clitoris. Once i find it i begin rubing it up and down slowly until I begin to cum. Then I spread my cum all over my vagina to lubricate. Then I get my metal dildo and slide it slowly to my opening. Sometime I play around with it and tap it gently against my vagina. Then when I am ready I slowly slide it in. Meanwhile I get my other hands index finger and lightly rub my clitical. Gradually I get faster and faster, my index finger rubs my clitoris as I pump the dildo in and out of my vagina until finally my whole body just explodes. This gives me the biggest orgasims ever and it feels great. Some times after I orgasim I will get a skinny pen and I'll lightly rub my clitoris with it. Usually after that I fall asleep in a state of pure ecstasy. I love to masturbate, but don't get me wrong, sex is still great too.

Story #63
I like using a tapered candle. I start out rubbing it vertically across my outer vagina. I like to use the type with the larger bottom end. It's sort of like a penis head. I rub it back and forth aross the outside of my vagina and slowly start to stimulate my clit more with it. I eventually slip it inside of me rubbing my G spot as I finger my clit to a great orgasm.

Story #64
I lay on my bed with my legs open wide. At the end of the bed is a vanity mirror. I watch myself play with my pussy and I get wetter and wetter. Then I slowly use my dildo and slide it real slow in my pussy. I can see the cum running out of my pussy as I get off. It makes me so horny, I just keep cumming.

Story #65
My best orgasm came from a small cooking pot. I rub my clit with one hand and fondle & pinch my nipples with the other while riding the pot handle. I only put it in a little bit, (I like to get real close to cumming before i really "go after it"). When that time comes, the cool metal of the pot against my clit sets me off within seconds. As I rock on the pot, the handle hits all the right places for a disasterous orgasm. I hope every lady tries this at least once. You won't regret it.

Story #66
I am in my teens, a chubby girl. I want to keep my innocence as long as possible. So I have been only titfucked about 15 times since my puberty. The rest of my sex life is pure masturbation.

Story #67
I flick my bean daily while I stroke and squeeze my heavy boobs and pinch my nipples. I have sessions from 5 to 45 minutes. Usually I finger for half an hour stopping the jerking movements, when I feel the dam would burst. The slippery dew on my swollen flower makes frigging easy. At last I moan, sweat, wriggle and enjoy the convulsions of my pussy and anus. I like to hear and read about other girls having solo sex. In my imagination wanking boys and masturbating girls and women are around having the same pleasure as I am experiencing.

Story #68
I put my underwear in to a thong and cross my legs. then I pull the panties hard up towards my hip bones. It reaches the clitoris through my vaginal flabs and it feels great!

Story #69
In front of my computer is a leather chair with to arm rests that go all the way down to the end of the chair, and sometimes, when I'm home alone, and I'm bored and HORNY, I like to take my big massager out, look up some hott porn on the computer, and masturbate until my legs go numb..oh god, I love it.

Story #70
I take my vibrator, lay down on my bed, and spread my pussy lips. I take the vibrator and press it up against my clit, making it vibrate faster and faster till i cum. Its wonderful!!!

Story #71
I start out first just rubbing my clit with my hand. When I start to cum I put a cough drop into my pussy. It feels great when it starts to get that tingly sensation.

Story #72
I love to do this one!! I get doggy style on my bed and rub my clit then I put my index finger inside my pussy and with my thumb rub my clit. I climax every time!!!

Story #73
Currently my favorite way to masturbate is using a dong I have taped to the corner of a table. I lower myself down on it and can give myself a good fuck until I have an excellent orgasm. Sometimes I open my blinds a little in case someone wants to watch....that makes me cum even louder and harder.

Story #74
I rub my pussy through my panties until I get soaking wet. Then I pull the hood back and expose my clit, I rub it up and down quickly. When I'm about to cum I stop and put my middle finger into my pussy and rub my g-spot until it makes me crazy. Then I return back to rubbing my clit until I orgasm so hard!!! I love licking my pussy juice to taste my perfection...

Story #75
I like to take those beads, kind of like the mardi gras ones, and glide them across my clit. It feels GREAT.

Story #76
I take milk chocolate candy and make it into a perfect like tube shape. Then I turn up my gas fire place and sit in front of it with the chocolate in me and I break off pieces and put them up my vagina and I have a mirror out so i can see the chocolate as it melts down. Wow it is so wonderful.

Story #77
I take the detachable shower head play it over my clit. Sometime I fiddle with the temperature control and switch from hot to cold every few seconds. Then I point it at my anus while rubbing or fingering myself.

Story #78
First, I like make a dildo out of a potato. Then I lay on my bed and thrust the potato in and out until I cum. When I'm done I like to eat the potato. It beats smoking cigarettes.

Story #79
I go under the tub faucet and slowly turn the cold water on harder. The coldness of the water causes me to cum fast.

Story #80
I lay my vibrating back massage mat on a body pillow, with a vibrator or dildo inside my pussy, and grind my clit on the mat.

Story #81
Nothing makes my orgasm more than putting an ice cube in my pussy. As it melts I go nuts!

Story #82
I like to sit on the top of my couch and rub back and forth. I put the news on TV and pretend I'm fucking the anchorman.

Story #83
I rub my clit until I almost climax. Then I put a dildo in my pussy and move it around to find my g-spot. When I do I have an explosive orgasm!

Story #84
I get an old stuffed animal. I use the head to press it against my clit and move it around in a circular motion. I know, it's naughty but it really turns me on.

Story #85
I stick a pillow between my legs and rub my clitoris until I have a wonderful orgasm.

Story #86
I love to pull my outer pussy lips apart and with my other hand tease my clit. Just before I cum and insert a cucumber in my pussy and have a great orgasm.

Story #87
I lay in the tub and I put a dildo inside of my pussy. Then I point my pulsating shower head on my clit and have an arousing orgasm in minutes.

Story #88
It's very easy to cum with a vacuum.. I turn on the vacuum, take the hose and apply it lightly to clit, then pull it away. After repeating this for a few minutes I'm in heaven.

Story #89
Here's my favorite masturbation method. Put a pillow over the corner of a dresser. Lift yourself up so that your pussy is right on top of the corner. Then rub back and forth over the corner like your on top of a hard penis.

Story #90
I put a small mirror next to my pussy and rub my clit until I see the cum dripping down. I put the cum on my fingers and watch myself lick them, which makes me cum even more.

Story #91
I get on the toilet and rub my pussy while I'm pissing. I keep rubbing and fingering myself until I get a really warm and tingly sensation.

Story #92
A popsicle shaped like a penis is cold and stimulating. In and out it feels so good. When it melts I grab a second one.

Story #93
I like to watch porn videos while rubbing my pussy on a pillow. I keep touching myself until I start to cum and then I stop. The pillow gets real wet!

Story #94
In my pool I pull aside the crotch of my bathing suit and spread my legs in front of the water jet. I just sit there and let it hit my clit. Works great in a hot tub too.

Story #95
I take a vibrator and hold it on my clit by squeezing my thighs together while adjusting the speeds frequently. I also push my clit down and squeeze it with one hand while inserting two fingers from my other hand into my pussy.

Story #96
With one hand, I rub my clit on the most sensitive side and with the other hand, I slide a candle into my vagina. I put lubricant on the candle and movement it in and out.

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