Male Masturbation Stories

Story #1  
I started masterbating at the age of 12yrs old. When I would look up the fireexcape stairs at school, i would watch the girls come down the fire excape and I would see their sweet innocent nylon panties. i loved it. When i came home from school i would go into my bedrm and close the door & undress myself and take a pair of my mothers panties and i would rub my cock into them to bring on a sperm shot. hmm i enjoyed it. Thats because i was thinking of the girl i saw in her white nylon see thru panties. I even saw her pussy hair. hmm i was having a real hard on by then. So i layed on the bed and i just let go. i was cumming into my mothers panties 20 shots at a time soon bringing on a very heavy erection. Her panties filled with my cum. From that day on i never looked back, i always masterbated every night i could. and when i did get a girl i took her to bed with me and we made out in her panties. to this day i enjoy masterbation in womens panties. my favorite kind of panties? well of course Nylon. I love panties i havea pair of nylon panties im going masterbate in. hope to bring on a good erection.

Story #2  
I like to watch porn while sniffing my wife's panties. When I get totally hard I put on my favorite vibrating cock ring. About 1 minute later, I cum all over my wife's panties. I try to leave them exposed so she finds them all wet with my cum. The thing that really gets me hard is getting caught masturbating. My wife catches me all the time. One time I was at my wife's sisters house sniffing my sister in laws panties. I couldn't help to start jacking off because they smelled so good. My sister in law walked in on me right as I was dropping some cum on her panties. She immediately walked out and nothing was ever said.

Story #3  
I talk to my girlfriend on the phone and we tell each other what we want to do with each other. I usually get really hot and dripping with pre cum in about 15 minutes. Right around that time i get out my lube and my carved candle.I lube up the candle and slide it slowly into my asshole. When i first started fucking myself in the ass i made notches in the candle, and as i got further i made new notches. I've finally gotten it as far as i can (when it starts to hurt your stomach) and made the final notch, so it will just stay in my ass like that. I then lube up my cock and start rubbing up and down while twisting my hand at the same time. Sometimes just having the candle in there is enough for me to explode after about 5 minutes. But usually it takes another 15-30 minutes for me to blow my load all over myself. My girlfriend loves to hear me moan and groan, and it's a mutual feeling to hear he fingers moving in and out of her pussy with her moaning at the same time.

Story #4
When I stay in hotels, I line up about four or five pillows one on top of the other. I get the plastic 'santiary' bag from the bathroom and fill it with a combo of body lotion and hair conditioner and a touch of water. I put the sanitary bag between 2 pillows and slide my cock in. If you are lying across the top of the pillows beneath you, it makes the bag that your cock is in feel tight while still feeling really lubricated. I then make sure I am watching the free 2 minute porn preview on the hotel TV and pump my cock into the pillows. A massive orgasm shortly follows.

Story #5
I love to masterbate and cum inside of these new inflatable "sprinkler" balls I found on ebay. They are beach balls with a "pussy" tube through the ball with a hole on either side. They are very fun in the bathtub when hot, soapy and slippery, mmm! You slip your stiff cock inside and pump the `love ball` until you blow a load cum inside. Then you partly deflate it and clean it right there!! Two can use this at enters from either side.

Story #6
I like to lay on top of and ride big beach balls to masterbate! I rub my hard cock against a super soft and bouncy 48" beach ball that has been out in the sun on the pool deck! Mmm, the vinyl feels so warm and soft against my stiff erection! I pull down my trunks and squirt some suntan lotion on the bloated ball to make it really slippery. Then I lay on top of the ball, hugging it and rolling back and forth as my penis glides back and forth oh, oh , oh, I fuck the beach ball like that until I`m ready to cum... Then I rock forward on the ball enough so I can watch myself squirt hot spurts of cum on my big beach`s fun to watch it run down the ball. This feels so good!

Story #7
I use a leather or vinyl cushion, lubed with water based lube, quite often in front of the computer while watching video clips of horses mating or having semen collected! This is an incredible turnon if you never saw it before! I lube and fold the cushion, and hump into it, often using another as an artificial mount and have mouth contact with it while thrusting. I eventually go rigid and ejaculate, in an intese release. I can leave the cum on the leather for a lube for second or wipe it off with a tissue! Humping leather furniture is great, especially at a fiend's house! Having a friend next to you thrusting against his leather sofa is intense! I also have sockem boppers, swimmies, and a real artificial vagina for a mini horse, all of which I use and enjoy! my fave will always be the cushion, as I had my first session as a kid this way! A wrinkled, soft leather cushion often gets me hard just sitting on it! I think I'm not alone here!

Story #8
I love masturbating in public places, like in movie houses. When watching porn movies there, especially when someones notices I am stroking my cock. Also in comfort rooms, there are small holes between the divisions. Other men can peep and see what I'm doing. It gets me really horny when others are watching. I start by letting it out and stimulate it slowly, and it gets really hard and erect and I stroke it. When I notice somebody watching in the hole in the division, I sometimes face my cock there so the person can see more. I get even more turned on. I stroke it different ways just to simulate a wet, warm pussy. When I can't hold it much longer I cum all over the toilet or on the floor.

Story #9
I have a nice cock about 7 1/2" thick and uncut. I have masturbated since I was about 10. I just love to rub and fondle myself. I especially enjoy watching a video I made of a female friend of mine. I got her to do all sorts of things in the way of masturbating in front of me. I had her use dildo's, candles, a coke bottle, a broom handle and her favorite a carrot. The video I made of her is extremely hot and erotic. I love watching it over and over and masturbating for hours watching the video. Seems that I am horney most all the time. I have this vibrator that has two speeds and I love to use it pressing it against my cock. The harder I press it the hornier I get and the sensations are unbelieveable. Instead of stroking my hard cock I let the vibrations of the vibrator get me so excited and when Im on the verge of cumming I press it harder against my cock and when I cum the ejaculation is so intense. I would recommend this to anyone to try. It is the ultimate in sexual pleasures in masturbating. Try it and see if Im right.

Story #10
My wife was going to be gone overnight. After she left, I began working in the office at home and soon got the idea to make love to myself. I didn't want it to be a quicky, though. I stopped working and drove to the drugstore where I picked up a medium jar of vaseline and two colors of lipstick, a bright red and dark wine. At home I went back to work until it was time to prepare my evening meal. Before doing so, I went into the bathroom and stripped naked except for my long-tailed shirt which buttoned up the front. I left it open. I stood in front of the mirror and, taking the wine colored lipstick, held it in front of me while I slowly screwed the lipstick out of the tube. Already I could feel myself hardening. I put the lipstick to my upper lip and began coloring my lips, a little at a time; then when I had made a completer ciurcuit, I ran several full cirles again. My lips were beautiful! Shiny and a little sticky. My rod was fully extended and screaming to be handled. I refrained, however and went to the kitchen. My penis extended out between the open shirt and would be brushed by the shirt as I moved around also sliding my hardness against the counter. With my lips smacking and feeling their beauty and my rod demanding my attention, I stopped cooking and went back to the bathroom where I removed the lipstick. Then I took the red lipstick and as I applied it to my lips, circle after circle, with the other hand I finally encirlced my hardness. As soon as I started stroking I could feel my feet tingle which meant, I didn't have much time. Watching my lips kiss back at me brought me to such an exlosion that I shot onto the mirror. Wow! That was amazing. It was to be the first of three times that evening. But first, I needed to remove the lipstick and reapply the wine colored one to go finish preparing my evening meal.

Story #11
I found this pefect sized tube in which my penis can fit into completely while I'm fully erect. The tube is tight as well and adding some lubricant and just slidding it in and out is awsome! I suggest you try and find one yourself that way you don't have to buy one of those expensive fake pussies.

Story #12
A friend at work told me he uses his sock to jack off. So I started doing that and man is it great. The cotton rubs your cock head and then when you shoot your wad there's no mess. I love jacking off with my buddies when my wife is gone.

Story #13
I like to masturbate in front of a mirror. The reason I do this is that I put on my nylon panties and bra. I have lots of panties so I put a few pair on the counter to rest my balls on. Then I put my cock through the leg hole so I don't have to pull my panties down. Next I get another pair and rap them around my hard cock and stroke it until I cum. Panties make me cum everytime, every guy should buy and wear sexy panties and lingerie.

Story #14
I sit in my recliner chair on my couch and have some great porn on (I like it when the woman is on top). I sometimes play a porn I own. (dvd) is easy to go to the right scene. I rub my penis alot teasing myself until I want to take it out and have it standing straight up. I just start to stroke. I cum too fast sometimes but it feels great.

Story #15
My cousin is four months older than I am. He and his girl friend come round when my parents are out. They let me watch them having sex on the sofa. She is gorgeous and I go wild when he lets me see her naked with her legs held appart. When I am in this state of extreme arousal they stop and strip me off and get me to masturbate in front of them. I try to aim my cum at her very visible crotch.

Story #16
I always play with my nipples first until they are rock hard. Then I rub my balls until I'm really into it and eventually pull and yank on them. Sometimes I will even slap my balls. I usually enjoy doing all of this in front of a mirror. I have actually cum just slapping at my balls. I enjoy at least 30 to 45 minutes of jerking off- I have an intense orgasm, and then want to do it all over again.

Story #17
I work at home and my wife goes out to work. On wash day I switch the washing machine on to do the washing and then strip naked and play with myself until I have a full erection. I leave the door to our back yard open while I am doing this so that my neighbour would be able to see me if he was looking out of his bedroom window. When the washing machine moves to fast spin I let the end of my engorged and lubricated cock rest on the side of the machine. The vibration finishes me off. Once, I saw my neihbour almost falling out of his bedroom window trying to get a better look at me doing this. I waved at him and called him over. He came round and I let him in. I was still naked so he stripped off and then joined me in reading the stories on this site. We masturbated each other several times. We now do it as often as we can now.

Story #18
I love to lay on a large overinflated but sun heated pool float or air mattress. I place my erect penis in between the tubes while lying in the back yard. I get all lubed up and rub up and down in the channel between the tubes. I'll bring myself just to the point explosion then back off many, many times, when I finally do let go it's very intense.

Story #19
I get naked, go outside and get a cushion, cover it in vaseline and lay on the cushion and move up and down. It takes ages but fuck is it good. The neighbours? Who gives a shit!

Story #20
I chat on the web for a couple of hours while I stroke my cock. I bring myself to the edge of exploding and then let it ease off. I chat with several girls about fucking and masturbating, and I describe myself stroking in detail. After an hour or two I grab the trash can I keep next to my desk and hang my throbbing cock in it. I stroke through the cum stirring in my balls, the huge explosion of cum and through the entire orgasm shooting my hot load.

Story #21
I love to jerk off in the shower. The hot water flowing over my body is so good. I squeeze my cock slowly and feel it get harder and harder. I close my eyes and feel the water slide over my dick and balls. I start off slowly stroking my cock up and down I fantasise about some girl in front of me begging me to come on her face and tits. I love the feel of my balls as they tighten when I get close. I jerk slowly as I cum and watch it squirt across the shower.

Story #22
I beat off my rock hard cock real slowly at first on my web cam. I wait for some hot guy to take intrest, then I let him tell me what to do. Its really great and so varied and its nice to know that your pleasing someone whos not in the room.

Story #23
I like to wear my girlfriends panties, or someone else's girlfriends, the moment I put them on I get hard. I like to wear one pair and pull the leg opening aside and let my cock stick out, then I let the head rest on the crotch of another pair. I like it best when there are stains to make the contact area of my cock be touching the place the girl's pussy was. I cum on the crotch and wear the other ones to bed.

Story #24
I love to masturbate in places that the chance of getting cought is medium to high. I go camping alot and really enjoy the night time. I usually setup my tent to where everyones not looking at the entrance. Then when the sun goes down I'll get naked and sit outside the tent under the stars and cool air and enjoy my body. I once had this guy come over while I was busy asking to borrow a can opener and before you knew it he had his pants down and masturbating with me. He said the site of me pleasuring myself got him all horny. One thing led to another and we started giving each other blowjobs. That was the best camping trip of my life!

Story #25
I love to masturbate on my waterbed! The way I masturbate, which is my favorite way is I get on my bed, take off all my clothes, and I get under my covers, and and grab my blow up vagina, and my lube. I lube up my penis, after I get a good erection, and I slide in and out of the blow up vagina, when i am about to ejaculate, I rest, and go at it again. I do this for about 30 to 45 minutes, when I can no longer delay my orgasm, I go for it! Feels really good! I sometimes cum all over my sheets, and they will be wet for the rest of the night. After I am finished, I fall asleep (This helps me sleep!)

Story #26
I'm a 17 year old male. I'm fairly muscular, 6 foot 4, 230 pounds. I like to masturbate with a friend when we have a lot of time to just relax, dig out some pornos from under the mattress and go at it. My favorite technique is using the bed. I slip a condom on my 6 inch cock and slide it in between the mattress and box-spring and move in and out. It takes a bit of effort and re-adjusting, but in the end, the orgasm is so intense it makes it all worth while.

Story #27
I have a rubber sleave with thats filled with rubber nibs. I squirt a little hand cream into it then watch porno video's. When I'm about ready to explode I back off( not easy) I do this 2-4 times then continue to orgasm. Feels great.

Story #28
This sort of thing is a once in a lifetime masturbation opportunity. I was at a friend's place, crashed on his couch after a night at the bar. At about 3 AM, I heard him and his wife having sex. I was about to get up and ask them if they could keep it down, when I happened to peer into the right spot on the window. There was his wife, riding his cock in a crystal clear reflection. Immediately, I was hard as a rock, so I went with it and watched her in the reflection and went to town. They never found out, and it was the best orgasm I ever had.

Story #29
I wear a smooth (quite thin) pair of underpants so that they are tight over my erection. Then, rub very gently with a 'worn' hairbrush starting from the base of the scrotum (ball bag) then come very slowly and gently to the top of the penis. Once at the top circle round four or five times before returning to the scrotum and repeat again. Orgasm can often take 20 mins but it's the most intense orgasm you will ever have.

Story #30
I start of by sticking my dick between my mattress and humping away. Sometimes, I put a silk blanket between the matress. As I'm fucking my mattress, I massage my balls and the area between my balls and my ass. When I'm about to come, I stop. I then get on my bed and stroke my penis until I shoot a load of cum all over my chest. I like the feeling of rubbing my cum on by body.

Story #31
I cut a line in a pillow and make the hole deep enough so I can get in all the way. It feels great, like the real thing, and I usually do it while watching porn.

Story #32
After a workout I sit in the sauna with a towel wrapped around me. I just lay back and relax. I begin with some nipple stimulation and work down from there. I always keep my cock and balls shaved because the sensation is ten fold. I then start rubbing my cock and playing with my balls, through the towel. Then off with the towel and I lay totally naked and go to town. Just knowing the high risk of another guy walking in really adds to the excitement. Eventually I blow my load and hit the shower. When I return to the locker room to dress guys can see that my cock is still smollen and has that post-sex look, wow.

Story #33
I like to masturbate using my soft cotton underwear. It's usually best after they've been worn all day, so that they are warm and extra soft. Not only does it feel amazing, but it also makes for an easy clean-up.

Story #34
My favorite way to masturbate is with another person. I love going to a website and talking with another person and knowing they're masturbating with me. I rub my cock through my boxers until it gets really erect, then I just lean back and talk dirty with the other person, telling them how to masturbate and having them tell me what to do. There's nothing hotter than mutual masturbation.

Story #35
I love to masturbate in the car. I pull myself out and stroke up and down while my base hits. It feels good, then I wait until a car pulls along side and if it is a good looking lady of proper age I let her see it and if she likes it I cum for her. That always is a big hit.

Story #36
When I am alone in the house, I invite a couple of friends over. I put on a porn tape and we masturbate while watching the tape. The best part is when we have contests over who is going to cum first, or sometimes we try to reach orgasm at the same time and cum all together. When we succeed, you see cum blasting all over the place. For cleaning up, just put newspaper all over the floor, and throw it away after you're done!

Story #37
These are some inceredible stories, and I even have tried a couple. I masturbate 2-4 times daily, and am always looking for new ideas, but the most pleasurable, and most like the real thing to me, is getting a sandwhich baggie, putting some hand lotion in it, run it under hot water for several minute, then take the baggie and stick it in a pair of socks,and put it on the countertop in the bathroom as I insert my throbbing cock into this homemade pussy, I hold the sock/baggie down with both hands, and continue to pump this thing untill I cum, the results are incredible....when my wife is not there, this is the next best thing, sometimes, if it is done right, it's even better, happy jerkin guys!

Story #38
I get in front of a mirror. I slowly oil up my cock and ass. I kneel on the bed sitting upwards like a girl riding you. I get to the point of cumming ...then stop. At the same time I am riding a hairbrush(get a soft/rubbery handled one) while the brush is on the bed.

Story #39
I love to read male masturbation experiences and after an hour or so, I get really really horny and pre-cum starts to oooze out of my head. After that, I'd like to rub it in circular and sometimes taste my pre- cum with the help of my finger and then finish it in front of the computer!

Story #40
My subdivison has a lake in it with a big flat rock sticking out from the shore. Early in the morning I`ll go there and strip with the wind blowing off the lake hitting my cock and ass. I start pumping and before long I`m cumming. Afterwards I sit and watch the sun rise.

Story #41
I like to go in the shower and place the hot steamy shower head over my penis and the pressure builds up and creates a unbelievably wild orgasm!!

Story #42
I like to masturbate looking at porn on the net or watching a porno on TV. I love masturbating to dirty girls on the phone. They make me really horny and they listen to me ejaculate.

Story #43
I usually lay face down on my bed and then stick my ass up in the air, with one hand I masturbate and the other I rub my testicles.

Story #44
I masturbate to a DVD that I bought and on it has these hot young girls riding a guys cock, so i love to watch the girls get a big cock up them and i play with myself until they cum on the movie.

Story #45
I love to get naked rub my body with baby oil get my cock as hard as a rcok and wank hard. I fondle with my balls, pull on them gently. When I cum I moan and groan and start all over again.

Story #46
Find a nice big and soft stuffed animal. Seperate a seam in a handy location and go to town. Don't have to worry 'bout a mess, always there when ya need it.

Story #47
I like to masturbate by getting completly nude and going outside to my trapoline and lying on top of it. The I take the lotion I brought out and place it in my hand and start to masturbate. I love not know if anyone is watching me.

Story #48
I have a vegetable fetish, i have tried almost every type of vegetable but find that nothing beats the marrows once carefully hollowed out and worked in with the cock. I find that Finely chopped onion adds to the mix with a tingling effect, but this can be removed by a cucumber.

Story #49
I masturbate with vacuum cleaners. We have a canister and an upright. I put vaseline on my shaved cock and balls and remove the hoses from the canister and the dust bag from the upright. I set up mirrors so I can watch my self penetrate the machines. I straddle each vacuum and push my dick in and out of each of the holes. On the upright my cock penetrates fully into the hose attachment. I hump for hours as I surf porn sites or look at magazines. The most erotic experience is when my wife watches me hump the vacuums until I cum in them or I time it so that I have my dick stuck in the vacuum when she walks in from work at the end of her day.

Story #50
I like to jack off while my wife is doing dishes or laundry , I'm only about 8 to 10 foot behind her in my chair and can see her reflection in the window so if she turns around I will know it and pull my robe closed. She has no clue and that's the exciting part, to cum with your partner so close and unaware. shhh!

Story #51
I usually masturbate late night after work. The restaurant I work has lot of filipino women and need to interact with these waiter girls often and they brush along me many times a day. This keeps my penis erect always and love to pour ice over my penis and keep doing so until it goes numb. Then I start frantically pulling and wanking and ejaculate merrily.

Story #52
First of all I read everyones method and imagine the results. I get pre cum doing this and I taste a little then I will get a condom and put it on my cock. Then I take the handle of a hairbrush and lube it and put it slowly in my ass. It feels great up there while I jack off It may feel a little strange but the pay off is amazing.

Story #53
I masturbate in my underwear. The best way is to masturbate with your balls in the underwear and just take out the penis from the side of the underwear and wear silky pants. I keep on rubbing my penis as I look at sexy naked women having intercourse.

Story #54
Before I start reading erotic stories particularly male/female, I sit in front of the pc totally naked and keep on playing with my dick while reading the stories. i recollect my own sexual encounters. sometimes i fantasise seeing some of the women i know nude lying open before me. I get stimulated and then start stroking myself I stop when I near ejaculation. I repeat this a few times till finally I come blasting.

Story #55
I have classes all day so the only chance I have is in class. I usually sit towards the back because I'm always late and I stare at my girlfriend, or a hot girl and gets me goin every time!

Story #56
I usually get a stiffy when I watch my partner pouring over her work. I sneak off into the other room and stroke my hardening shaft as I make excuses about what's on tv. I can grunt a little as I work my prickhead until I shoot off in my pants. It's great...and my lady usually has a knowing grin when I finish. That's when the real fun starts.

Story #57
I bought a sockem bopper from a toy store. I put some lotion inside it, and stuck my ol peckerwood in. I romped on it pretty good, and shot a pretty good load inside the little toy. It's such a great product for getting that release.

Story #58
I sit on my chair in my bedroom, and take my "special" electric toothbrush and go up and down my dick. Once I find the good spot I rub in circles there and then I lick my other hand and rub that on and in my asshole. Somtimes I switch it around and stick the toothbrush up my ass after a good licking. Nothing like the feel of all those brushes vibrating and stimulating your dick.

Story #59
Masturbate normally, until you are about to cum, then stop and wait for 5 secs. Keep doing this 5 or more times. When you can't take it anymore, masturbate real hard until you are about to cum, then hold it for as long as you can and blast off.

Story #60
I take a nylon sleeping bag rolled up and slip my dick into it. I pull out before I cum so I don't make a mess.

Story #61
I get a condom and put a little bit of lotion inside. I slip my dick in and stick it between the mattress and boxspring on my bed. It's the closest thing to real sex that I've ever tried.

Story #62
Lie in the bath tub with your legs apart and let the water from the shower head fall on your penis. The result is a really slow build up and a very satisfying ejaculation.

Story #63
I hold a removable shower head in one hand and squirt it on the tip of my penis until you hit the spot that feels best. Then turn up the heat until it feels good. I stroke with my other hand, and stop right before climax. Repeat this five times, and then masturbate until you cum.

Story #64
I like to put some warm oil on my stomach and on my hand. Then I rub my cock in circular motion against my belly.

Story #65
I drench a thick cotton towel with hot water, roll it up, then press both hands around it. I slip my dick in and pump that hot soft towel until I cum. No messy cleanup afterwards!

Story #66
I love to masturbate while I'm driving. I slip my pants down just above the knees, and stroke myself with one hand and steer with the other. I like to ejaculate when there is a hot female in the passenger seat in the car right next to me.

Story #67
I use the vibrating fuzz remover from an old home hair cutting set. The vibration is very intense, which creates a fast and real intense orgasm, totally different than having sex.

Story #68
I use a vibrating sander, without the sandpaper of course. I keep my pants on and rub the sander over my penis. It gets real intense real fast.

Story #69
I lube my butt and work a vibrator up my ass. I jerk off with one hand while the vibrator tingles my butt hole. Double the pleasure!

Story #70
I lube up real good with shaving cream. I then stroke my dick with one hand, and a stick a finger up my ass with the other hand.

Story #71
Get in a jacuzzi and place the underside your hard dick against one of the jets. Your dick will feel like it's swimming, and it creates an orgasm much different than you are used to.

Story #72
I kneel on my bed and insert three fingers into my ass. I then wank off with the other hand in front of the mirror next to my bed.

Story #73
I like to lie on my stomach on my bed with my dick on top of a soft pillow. I then put a stuffed animal in the back of my underwear so it stimulates my asshole. As I pump the pillow I get aroused by the animal touching my asshole.

Story #74
I put on a real tight cock ring, and use vibrator on my penis. I put the vibrator on my shaft and press down hard towards the base of my cock.

Story #75
I love to masturbate in my backyard when it's sunny out! The feel of the air against my naked body is awesome. When I'm ready to cum, I stick my dick through a hole in the fence and shoot my cum into the neighbors yard. The grass is greener on the other side!

Story #76
I go into an internet chat room for masturbation and turn my web cam on. I focus the cam on my dick on so it fills the screen. I invite women or men to watch me masturbate. They talk to me while I masturbate which really turns me on.

Story #77
I joined an adult website and watch the videos there and masturbate in front of my computer screen.

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