Man masturbates while wife is away

My wife gone overnight, and after she split, I started working in the home office and decided to make love to myself. I wanted it to be a long session. I quit working and walked to the drug store where I picked up a jar of petroleum jelly and two shades of lip stick, loud red and purple wine. When I got home, I went into the bath room and got nude except for my long shirt which closed in front. In front of the mirror I took the wine colored lipstick and began coloring my lips.

My penis stuck out between the open shirt and would be brushed by the shirt as I moved around also sliding my hardness against the counter. With my lips smacking and feeling their beauty and my rod demanding my attention, I stopped cooking and went back to the bathroom where I removed the lipstick. Then I took the red lipstick and as I applied it to my lips, circle after circle, with the other hand I finally encirlced my hardness.

As soon as I started stroking I could feel my feet tingle which meant, I didn’t have much time. Watching my lips kiss back at me brought me to such an exlosion that I shot onto the mirror. It was to be the first of three times that evening. But first, I needed to remove the lipstick and reapply the wine colored one to go finish preparing my evening meal.

Woman masturbates while watching porn

I go into my bedroom when my husband is not home and put on some porn. My favorites are when a woman is getting her clit licked, sucked and flicked by another woman, although I have never been with another woman, it really turns me on. I lie back on the bed totally nude, there is a full length mirror in front of my bed so I can watch myself. I open up my pussy lips and tease my clit, getting juice from my pussy to make my clitty nice and wet. I like to pull up on my pussy lips when my clit starts to get hard so that I can look at it. I gently flick at it a little, then I rub the hood in a circular motion. I do this for about a hlaf an hour, totally enjoying the porn on tv. After that I have this winnie the pooh stuffed animal, his nose is kinda hard, and it wiggles. I turn him on and let his nose wiggle against my big hard clit while lying on my back with my knees spread wide open. I love to look in the mirror and see it between my legs.

I moan and say things like eat my pussy baby, lick my clit, ooohhh yeah! It feels like I am being licked, his nose wiggles round and round. When I am super turned on, and my pussy is nice and wet and swollen, I put the stuffed animal on the bed, and straddle his face, his nose wiggling round and round against my clit. I look from the TV to the woman being licked, to the mirror where I can see the stuffed animal between my legs, I pretend it is a woman under me and I am sitting on her face. I end up sitting on the stuffed animal, pulling his wiggling nose so tight against my clit and I hump up and down, round and round till I explode! I hide this stuffed animal of course, scince his nose is always covered in my cum. Think I will have to have a session now I am so wet knowing everyone will be reading this!

45 year old woman masturbation story

I am 45 years old, married, have regular sex but just LOVE to masturbate. I need to every other day or so, sometimes more, sometimes less. The way I like doing it best is slowly. I try to do this as often as possible, say on a Sunday afternoon when my husband has taken my son out to play football in the park. I take my clothes off and sit up with my legs open. I stroke my breasts and play with my nipples, then I stroke my flank, my belly and feel the curves of my body. Then, ever so slowly, I move my hand down to my mound and watch the change in sensitivity as I approach the top of my clitoral hood. My fingers hover around my clitoris for a while, teasing it, pulling back the hood, moving playfully around the area where my inner lips join up at the top. Then I can’t stand it any longer and I rub my clit till it hardens and till my vagina begs to be filled. I love the feeling of a penis inside me, so that is what I sometimes fantasize about. But first I circle the entrance of my vagina with a finger. Then I dip a finger from my other hand into my vagina, wet it and then fill my asshole. I leave that finger there and with the other hand I massage my perineum. I give myself lots of time to make sure my clit, my very sensitive lips that love being touched and my throbbing vulva get lots of attention.

Then, I put first two, and then three fingers into my pussy and move my hand in and out, in and out, faster and faster. I let the contractins of pleasure build and then slow down again. Then, when I’ve finger-fucked myself nicely and gotten my vaginal walls well and truly stimulated and ready, I use my now dripping wet index and middle fingers to rub up hard against my G-spot. It is very swollen by now and I can actually feel it getting more and more engorged with fluid as my fingers place pressure against its ridges inside my cunt. I press hard against the ridges and move my fingers in a circular motion. This vigorous movement of my hand also stimulates the entrance to my vagina and my vulva and clit. I find that by sitting up when you masturbate, you get a lot more pleasure from the G-spot — maybe that has something to do with the position of the body. Also, I think that gravity helps to ensure that your gentials get engorged more quickly. G-spot masturbation takes work and time; it also takes more effort, as the G-spot is not so readily sensitive as the clitoris.

But gradually, over the years, I have found out how to mix clitoral stimulation with that of the G-spot. By thrusting my fingers in and out and pressing hard against my G-spot, I build up the waves of pleasure slowly but ever so surely to a deep, strong orgasm that finally erupts with incredible force from deep inside my belly. It spreads like wildfire from deep inside my pussy, rising in outward waves all the way up my neck and down to my legs. My finger feels the convulsions in my anus. My vaginal contractions grab my fingers and pull at them and the fluid in my G-spot gushes out with the most intense warmth. The pleasure is deep and lasting. I look down and see that I have ejaculated and my wetness is drenching the sofa. My legs are limp and i feel myslef flop. At this point, I don’t stop. The best bit is the afterglow, when I extricate my fingers from inside me, taste the wetness by sucking them and then slowly massage my whole vulva with the palm of my hand until the sensations have finally quitened down.